Joining together to grow faster

How We Started

“TopBiz Advertising Co. Ltd.” is a new-born company by allying of ATT Media & Advertising Company Limited and BizUp Business Group. We established TopBiz company at the aim of “joining together to grow faster” in May 2016. Not only both companies have well enough capacity but both have over 10 years experiences in Marking and Advertising field.

We believe that adding core value to our job can result better and different quality services which can help our customers to be satisfied. We are keen to deliver our best services to our clients who are coming into Myanmar, the highest business potential country in ASEAN.


To provide the best quality services.
To provide all-in-one service company in advertising field.

To be the first-priority choice.
To be a leading advertising company in Myanmar.
To be a “Wow” company.
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